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(better info coming)

Name: Countess Isabella Valentine (you'll call her "Ivy," you scum)
Age: 32+ (eternally appears 32 due to sexist developers shenanigans)
Canon: Soul Calibur (near the end of SC4, timeline-wise)
Occupation: Countess, scholar, alchemist, recluse, traveling ass-kicker

Height: 5'10"
Weight: do you want to die
Hair: Natural white
Eyes: Green
Blood Type: Cursed

Weapon: "Valentine," snake-sword with a mind of its own that speaks to her and serves her loyally, brought to life via ill-advised magical ritual

Hobbies: Living in seclusion, studying, experimentation, swordplay, dabbling in ill-advised magical rituals, traveling the countryside murdering those tainted by evil

Make jokes about her breasts: at your own risk

Kinks: Here

Bio: Ivy was born tainted by the evil energy of the demonic sword Soul Edge, via her biological father, Cervantes de Leon. She was abandoned as a baby and raised the daughter of Count and Countess Valentine in London. After her parents' deaths, she dedicated herself to studying alchemy in her father's footsteps. She was tricked into serving the Azure Knight, a demonic creature who possessed Soul Edge-- unknown to her, he planned to groom her into the sword's next host, thanks to her demonic blood.

After learning about her ties to the demonic sword, Ivy shut herself away in her laboratory and has dedicated her life to alchemy, sorcery, and other scholarly pursuits. She also occasionally journeys across the world, trying to root out and destroy Soul Edge and all remnants of its evil influence from the world -- eventually, including herself. She is celibate and reclusive from others, often haughty and mocking to her enemies, but she is actually best described as a chaotic good.


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